5 ways to stay healthy this Winter

My favourite subjects in life are decor, health and spirituality (and I don’t mean ghosts! :) I will therefore start to write a little more often about wellness here at inredningsvis. You’ll get some organic beauty tips as well as some words of wisdom…

I like contrasts in life and think that it’s ok to be both superficial but at the same time care about the inside. It’s all about balance, and to get that you need a little of all of life’s spices :) Here are some of my personal tips to keep you healthy this Winter:

A miraculous cold medicine that keeps all viruses at bay. I have not had a cold this Winter despite everyone sneezing around me. A real hit medicine and you can find it at Chinese medical clinics or by googling. RECOMMENDED

2. Vitamins
You’ve heard it before of course, but it really is soo important to build up the immune system. High doses of zinc, vitamin C and selenium are the best. We live in a far from clean world and are exposed to lots of toxins every day, and the vitamins in our food just aren’t enough unfortunately. Recommended daily doses are often too low – high doses can do wonders for the body.

Do not forget probiotics of good quality, which are vital for a healthy functioning bowel.

Check out the youtube clip above where a nutritionist shows us everything about the properties of probiotics :)

3. Walk outside
No matter how rough the weather is, it is a must to go out and get fresh air every day. This stimulates blood circulation and healthy fresh skin as well. I’m so grateful that we have clean air to breathe in Sweden – something not all countries have the luxury of, unfortunately.

4. Fresh juice
I have begun to squeeze my own juice of carrots, kiwi fruit, spinach and apple. It’s sooo good and full of vitamins. You can also add SuperGreens or similar for stronger cleansing. Nothing beats home-made juice :)

5. Ayurveda
Apply sesame seed oil to your body and massage it in. This regimen has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years, as sesame oil expels toxins from the body and moisturizes dry Winter skin. Allow the oil to work for a few hours in a bathrobe and then take a long hot bath in eucaluptus oil :)

Tips: If you like chinese hearb tea you can READ MORE HERE

If you follow Miss Inredningsvis’ simple tips above I can promise you a cold-free Winter :)


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