6 tips how to buy the right sofa

Choosing the right sofa is not easy! It is the most important piece of furniture in the home. Hence the importance of really trying to find the right sofa choice in the smallest detail. There are countless sofa models, fabric colors and upholstery on sofas. The sofa is absolutely the piece of furniture that means the most to us Swedes, especially for all TV watching.

We live in a dark country most of the year and then a lot of time is spent sitting on the sofa. So what is the first thing to think about before buying a new sofa? Here are the 3 absolutely most important points to consider before buying a sofa.

Buy the right sofa – 6 tips


1. Who will spend the most time on the couch?
2. Do you want a comfortable sofa for day studies and TV watching?
3. Or does your household need a firmer sofa that has more support? a sofa with luxurious looks before comfort.


First of all, decide what type of sofa you want for your home. Here are the most common sofa models:

Traditional 3-seater: This is the common three-seater found in many homes.

Sectional sofas: Exactly as it sounds, these sofas are divided into sections, which can be arranged to fit your room tailor-made.

The sofa bed: A true sofa hero! A sofa bed is ideal for those who lack a real room or bedroom.

Loveseat (2-seater sofa): A loveseat sofa is designed to accommodate two people and is perfect for the small apartment and any small space.

Pro tip: Measure the area the sofa will stand on to narrow down your sofa search.


Set a limit and price range within which the sofa should lie. and research within a wide range of brands and retailers to find the perfect dream sofa. Keep an eye out for promo codes and SALE and don’t forget to check sofa delivery charges and return policies. Many young students cannot afford to buy a super expensive new luxury sofa. If you are moving to your first home, you need to save at the beginning. Then think about shopping vintage! In many cases, vintage furniture costs 70 to 80 percent less and is often actually better made than the new.


Once you have chosen a sofa type, ask yourself these questions about how the sofa will be used:

Who will spend the most time on the couch? Do you have children?
Do you want a comfortable durable couch for daytime study and family TV watching?
Or does your household need a firmer sofa that has more support? and you care more about luxurious look than about comfort.

These questions will help you determine the sofa’s shape, height and comfort level. Also consider the intended long-term use and which types of fabrics are suitable for any heavy wear.


Choosing a new sofa is about finding a balance between your lifestyle and your aesthetics. Luxury lounge fans should look for deep options, while traditionalists gravitate towards a classic Howard sofa. There is a seemingly endless stream of sofa style possibilities out there, here are some of the basic sofa styles:

This is ONLY a matter of taste and preference. Go for what you like and what your style is for the rest of the decor.

Personal tip: A tip from me is to skip the sofas with super strong colors. They are fun for a few days, but soon the eye gets tired of garish pink. instead, choose a sofa in a neutral, stylish shade and add decorative cushions with colour.


The fabric you choose for your new sofa is just as important as its shape and style. This is a key aspect that will determine its durability and longevity. If you live in a large family with dogs and children, durable fabrics such as cotton and linen may be best. If you live single, luxurious velvet sofas work just fine.

Here are some of the most famous sofa textiles:

Wool blend: Pure wool is very durable and great for hiding stains, but difficult to care for. Wool and synthetic blends are much easier to clean and resist dirt stains well.

Linen: Dressing in linen is all about aesthetics, so naturally it’s pretty high maintenance (read: it requires professional cleaning). Not only will it soak up stains, but it’s also prone to wrinkles and doesn’t wear well.

Leather: Durable and easy to clean (just wipe with a damp cloth), leather is a foolproof choice for those with families and pets. But pay attention to the type of leather: Full grain and top grain are the most durable and highest in quality, while aniline leather is untreated and susceptible to chafing.

Velvet: Synonymous with luxury and offered in many colors. Velvet can be made from a variety of materials, including silk, which is smooth, shiny and delicate. BUT most new “velvet sofas” are mixed with synthetic substances, such as polyester or rayon which makes them very durable and cheaper.

Natural fibers: Silk and cotton are common natural fibers used for upholstery. Silk can be sensitive to daily wear and tear as well as sunlight, so it’s not ideal for everyday use. Cotton is relatively more elastic and durable, especially when included in a blend.

Synthetics: Synthetics are often used for value or performance pieces, to mimic a natural fiber such as acetate (imitation silk), chenille (cotton-like), leatherette, and microfiber (an extremely fine polyester).


The magic measuring sofa formula is: Make sure that either the depth or the width of the sofa is less than the width of your doorway – and think about the packaging all around.

Remember when Ross’ couch broke in two when the Friends gang tried to swing it around the stairwell? Brockway then says the most important thing “Measure not only where the sofa ends up, but also the spaces it goes through to get there.”

Follow these tips and you’ll be fine:

Find the right size sofa: The sofa should fill the room, not overwhelm it. Pay attention to the back height in relation to the ceiling height and the number of pillows for the number of people you want to accommodate.

Measure once: Check the sofa’s measurements on either the online product list or the store’s. Ask the store how the sofa will be delivered and if it comes with additional packaging around that takes up space. Compare these measurements with the height and width of the inside of your doorway and hallways.

Measure twice: “Consider the entire path your sofa needs to travel and measure everything from your lift to your hallway and door frame.

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