6 tips to decorate bigger with bookshelves

If you live small but has a hell of a lot of stuff all over without storage, then bookshelves is by far the best solution. BUT, it does not necessarily have to be the same old dreary Billy boring bookshelf model that applies. No Miss Inredningsvis here show you some more unusual bookshelve varieties from my never-ending source of inspiration :)

Hereeee you gooo some cool cheap bookshelves that WILL rock the room!

Bookshelves tip

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1. Books bookshelves behind glass

Glass bookshelves are probably our most popular form of storage. Many kitchens adorned with these fab shelves But it is just as easy to move out of this cupboard for the living room and let books get a luxurious glass protection. The very best with glass in front is that you dont ned to dust the shelves every five minutes :)

Glassed shelves will never go out of fashion, it’s a timeless decor classic!

bokhylla rumsavdelare

2. Bookcasesas room dividers

If I just have to give a good tip if you live in the small den it is to fake split the room into two rooms. To then use a bookshelve like this on the picture as a room divider. It is super smart when it also picks up all the gadgets at the same time it acts wall. As shown above, a small one turns into a second with both offices, bedrooms and living in the same room.

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3. Bookcases on wheels

This is smarter than the smartest be able to easily move the bookshelf in the rooms. In a children’s room is never time stands still and then select a scrollable bookshelf is a smart move in many ways. Keep stuffed animals and toys in roller shelf one moment and when the children have grown up books and games instead.

TIP: Using barvagn as a bookcase – this I have seen more and more from abroad and will surely hit too. Why only have liquor in barvagnen when it can become a very functional moveable bookcase :)

bokhylla hela vägen upp

bokhylla platsbyggd

Put the bookshelve over the door and make more space for others :)

bokhyllor vita billiga

4. Bookshelf aaalllllll the way up

Not to heaven then but almost. This is a smart way to store books and also gives the room a cozy character. However, make sure to use sturdy bookshelves if you decorate with many heavy books simultaneously. This is not working Bookshelf Billy & chips skive Co, but select materials resistant Ek.

You do not want to get the books falling in your head during Sunday dinner, even if you wished it on anyone else in the family :)

stege bokhylla

5. Step shelf = no drilling

This is a phenomenon one sees a lot of styling nowadays when it is easy to move around and so on. Using ladders bookshelves saves space and provides an open airy feeling to the room. There is moreover no drilling and screwing for this variant.


A latter bookshelve is your bathrooms storage wet dream :)

bokhyllor onlinebilliga vägghyllor

6. Wall shelves save floor space

Wall shelves are one of the smartest tips if you live a little. Because you do not take up space on the floor, the room will feel greater, but one can store quite a lot of things on those who hyllmirakel. If you want to run Bookshelf on a whole wall can be nailed up several wall shelves after the other and then check Ikea has great wall shelves.

Recently, the old string shelf taken great comeback. I remember my grandfather’s brown ugly string shelves on the country as children. But far away they feel today when modern String shelf is available in jättefina bright colors. Fit well in a small retro citykök with checkered floor :)

billiga vägghyllor (2)

Bookshelves inspiration

There you have some tips to decorate up the walls at home. Hope you liked my special about the cheap bookshelves and became eager to pull up the old books from the cellar :)

Have a nice week hotties :)


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