7 tips to improve your creative writing

There are many ways to be better at creative writing, but it all depends on the type of writing
you want to do. In order to help you improve your creative writing, I decided to compile a list
of the best ways to become better. Some of these steps also helped me to build
my site Inredningsvis.

creative writing – 7 tips

Find out your creative writing niche

When it comes to kreativt skrivande, it is extremely important that you decide what type of
writing you want to do. Some people are phenomenal fictional writers, however, they would
struggle if they were forced to write non-fiction. This is where you have to draw a line, and
separate not only what you are good at but also what you like to write about.
By figuring this out you can then start working hard on becoming better in your preferred niche.
Consider that some people are also able to do multiple types of kreativt skrivande.

Just do it!

Yes, I have stolen Nike’s slogan! This is one of the best slogans ever, and it can be related to
much more than just sports. In fact, if you want to get better at anything in life you have to do it.
When I say do it, I mean you have to do it continuously. Practice makes perfection! It also allows
you to develop a lot of expertise in the area, and could further benefit your career.

Read it all

There would be no writing without reading. Reading is perhaps the most essential part of
becoming better at kreativt skrivande. By reading not only are you expanding your knowledge,
but you are also picking up ideas, and different ways to build phrases. This allows you to also
compare your current writing with what you are reading. In retrospect, this has been the single
biggest advantage to my work.

Edit and be self-critical

Editing is often disregarded by some content writers, but it is an essential part of kreativt skrivande.
Pretend you are reading someone else’s article, and be critical of it. This is what will allow you to
spot your own mistakes and inconsistencies, allowing you to evolve and ultimately become

Ask for opinions on your creative writing

Hearing other people’s opinions on your kreativt skrivande. This allows you to put in perspective
your own opinion of your work with a totally different view from outsiders. Sometimes we
struggle to see our own mistakes and faults. This is why having a second opinion on our work
can be extremely helpful.

Try different content topics

Some of us are more inclined to write about certain topics, others are more versatile.
Discovering exactly what you like to write about can be a big advantage. If you are more into the
topics you are writing, there is no doubt that your kreativt skrivande will improve. You can even
find that you are interested in several topics. If this is the case, make sure you practice about all
of these topic

Its all about combining the right words

In music, there are only 12 different notes. However, the way musicians can combine just 12
notes, creating a universe of different music genres, and atmospheres is incredible. The same
thing happens with writing, there are only so many letters and words you can use. Mastering
kreativt skrivande is all about knowing how to carefully combine those letters and words, in a
special way.

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