9 great Tips how to decor with Pastels

Decorating with pastels is an awesome way to improve your home’s aesthetics and soften up any design scheme to achieve a breezy, airy feel. A hot trend in 2022 home décor, pastels are being used in every room. Although they are more muted and subtle than deep shades, pastels can transform your space. You can choose an entire pastel colour scheme or cleverly throw in statement accessories.

This article outlines some helpful tips how to decor with pastels.

Decor with Pastels

Fill Your Room with Elegant Lilac

Lilac is taking the interior design world by storm, and this is a trend you should expect to see beyond 2022. With its warm bluey undertones, this is an inherently cool colour. This means it is perfect for south-facing rooms, as the cool undertones help balance out the sun’s yellow warmth. The result is a pleasant ambience. So, consider going all lilac in the whole room for the floor and walls. As for the furniture and accessories, keep them black and white. This creates a calm and cohesive scheme without competing for attention with the lilac.

How Do You Choose a Pastel Shade for Your Home Interior?

Warm pastel colours are best suited for north-facing rooms. Sand, beige-brown, peach and yellow-orange are recommended for such spaces. On the other hand, turquoise, pearl, blue and shades of grey are on the cold section of the spectrum and are, therefore, suitable for large south-facing rooms.

Here are some ideas:

Coral and peach shades are almost similar. On a sunny day, they make your space appear warmer and brighter. They are ideal for the bedroom and living room. While peach is perfect as the primary background, coral is best utilised in furnishings and décor elements.

Pink shades exude lightness and airiness. Pastel pink paint or wallpaper will look good in a girl’s bedroom.

A Mint Green Headboard Frame

If you are not bold enough for an all-over colour, go for a neutral backdrop. For a space like a bedroom where a calm feel is key, you can never go wrong with the colour green. However, the key is identifying a space to create an accent. One particular place is the wall at the headboard. You could paint this particular wall with a soft pastel green to create the illusion of an extended headboard framing your bed. This gives the room a clear point of focus.

Pastel Pink Arch for a Soothing Feel

Adding new colours should not necessarily overwhelm your space. For instance, a semi-circle pastel pink block could act as a headboard in your bedroom. This is a brilliant way to transform your bed into a design feature while occupying minimal room.

Mellow Yellow Fabric and Paints for a Sunny Vibe

While yellow exudes warmth and optimism, it may be too much for some people. Therefore, going for a more pastel hue is a more subtle way to bring this shade into your space. Ensure the fabrics in your chairs blend will the wall colour to create a curated scheme that makes your room appear bigger.

Pastel Furniture for a Quick Fix

Using furniture and accessories, throw in pops of pastel hues in your home. Consider pastel dining chairs, decorative armchairs, statement sideboards and pendant lights to test out the power of pastels temporarily. Also, you can experiment with mix-and-match dining chairs to bring a playful feel to the scheme.

Pastel Kitchen Cabinetry for a Bold Look

For years, rich greens and dark blue kitchens have dominated the interior design sphere. It is now time to take a break from this and plunge into the world of soft, minty, pastel kitchen cabinetry. Go for a sleek and minimal handless design to create a tranquil space.

The Pink and Green Combo

It is no secret that pink and green go perfectly together. However, their pastel versions create an even more whimsical look. Consider this idea for your bathroom walls and add a lovely wall-hung bathroom vanity in either colour.

Pastel Gallery Wall for a Splash of Colour

If you have a neutral blank canvas, pop in some pastels and create a point of focus in your room with a pastel gallery wall. Go for a specific palette and stick to it. This gives your wall an expertly curated appearance.

Light Green Hues

A green accent wall design can transform your kitchen or bathroom. Green throw pillows give your bedroom or living room a fresh look, and green floor rugs brighten the floor. Greens are ideal for small apartments, wall niches, hallways and entryways. When used in a room with a minimalist style, light green accents make the small spaces feel more open and breezy. Also, remember to use accessories like artwork, bowls and vases as they improve the aesthetics of your home.

How Do You Use Pastel Shades To Achieve Different Styles?

Here is how you can achieve different interior design styles using pastel colours:

  • Shabby Chic: The commonly used colours are mint, peach, blue, pink and milky. Floral patterns and many decorative elements also characterise the style.
  • Provence: This style is associated with the spaciousness of lavender fields. It features a milky or white background for an airy feel.
  • Modern: The style allows the combination of different materials and colours. The furniture is simple, and the decorations echo the room’s style.
  • Nautical: Features a range of beige, blue and turquoise colours for a beach atmosphere. Delicate colours form the background.

Pastel Wallpaper

The most effortless way to give your room a makeover is undoubtedly wallpaper. When it comes to wallpaper, stay away from anything floral unless it is the bedroom or you are going for a vintage vibe. To create a statement, opt for botanical designs.

What Are the Advantages of Decorating With Pastels?

Here are the benefits of using pastel colours for your home décor project:

  • The shades create a calm, light and sophisticated atmosphere
  • Because they are soft to the eye, pastels can be used in large quantities
  • You can combine several pastel colours to create a calm and balanced interior
  • Pastel shades are grouped under the spring palette and exude airiness and lightness
  • When used in interior spaces, pastels create an illusion of bigger rooms.


Besides being warm and welcoming, pastel colours are also easy to combine. Also, they make your room appear bigger. From furniture to gallery walls, there are several ways to bring pastels into your interiors. We hope the above tips prove to be extremely helpful.

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