Bathroom mirror: 7 tips

Mirror, bathroom mirror on the wall.. hmm, no. You don’t often feel like you’re the most beautiful of them all just woken up, without makeup, in front of bad bathroom lighting at 7 o’clock in the morning, right? :) But nevertheless, it does help if there is a good looking, new bathroom mirror to stare into :)

I’ve found some great looking bathroom mirror varieties, and in doing so, realized how much of a difference they can make to otherwise boring bathrooms…

Bathroom mirrors


1. Combine shapes
Here, round and square mirrors in the same room, Hot, unexpected, and fresh… LIKE! :)


2. Bathroom mirror in focus
In this image, the mirror is the focal point of the bathroom. Without a frame, it has a nice, clean look.

badrumsspegel inspiration

3. Beautiful frames
If you want to go for big frames for your mirror, silver is generally preferable, as gold can look pompous.


4. Round shapes
My personal favorite is the round bathroom mirror – here, three in a row. Looks great with the modern style, giving a light asian touch to the bathroom.

modern badrumsspegel

5. Enlarge with mirrors
If you have a small bathroom, the best way to enlarge it is to use several, preferably large mirrors, just like in this small, masculine bathroom.


6. Lighting on mirrors…
…is oh so important! Here, a large mirror is put together with modern lighting. Works really well in this otherwise white room.

trendiga badrumsspeglar

7. Bathroom mirror with wood
Gives a warm feeling, and very sought after here in Scandinavia. Wood can however give a very heavy feeling in the bathroom, if the rest of the decor isn’t light and white.

snygg badrumsspegel

New bathroom mirror

So, these were som hot bathroom mirrors to set tired morning eyes upon. If you’re looking for a new bathroom mirror, surf around the net for bathroom portals and inspiration pictures to get an idea of what’s out there, and what might suit your bathroom :)

Have a great day!


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