Beautiful greenhouses

Summer is here and a wonderful garden season awaits. The Swedish Summer weather is however rather unreliable, which is why a greenhouse can be a good idea to have just in case. Wonderful greenhouses can make all of our garden dreams come true and…fast :)

Beautiful greenhouses


växthus friggebod

Morning tea…raspberry jam and home baking, anyone???

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A uniquely designed greenhouse in a Bohemian and natural style…my taste :)



A greenhouse can double as a dining room during hot Summer days…here with colourful chairs as a fun detail.


Some vegetables that are great to grow in greenhouses are cucumbers, peppers and melons – crops that we Swedes could never dream of cultivating otherwise. A greenhouse can also become your own little oasis to escape from everyday life. It is excellent to have dinner guests in the Summer if it’s too hot indoors. Or why not have a green tea party late into the Summer night, guaranteed mosquito free :)

Personally, I would want a greenhouse and combined painting studio. Imagine being able to stand and paint freely among lush geraniums and heavenly scented Angel’s Trumpets :)

What are your delightful garden dreams??

Have a nice weekend, cuties!


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