Before and after THE Power of pillows

Cushions pillows you can call them what you want! But one thing is for sure this little thing make a BIG difference everywhere. If you change cushions you change the whole room. And the best thing is that you can change cushions depending mood status to.

Im talking about THE Power of pillows and here you will see them work their magic in my own home…enjoy!



Bed before the pillow power:

Plain, flat, boring and look even my cat Brorsan looks depressed!

prydnadskuddar sovrum

Bed after the pillow power:

This is how we like it ladies isnt it ? Cute velvet cushions and some large pillows in the back for support.

Wanna see how I made this bed into a hotel bed in just 5 min click HERE

prydnadskuddar tips

My livingroom sofa before the pillow power:

Its so plain boring I wont even talk about it :(


The sofa after the pillow power:

AND VOILA! If this is not a decor miracle then nothing is:)

You can buy AMAZING and cheap new pillows HERE

inreda vardagsrum


prydnadskuddar rosa


prydnadskuddar billigt

And here are the same furniture but I simply changed the pillows and also added a cozy white fur.

inredningstips vardagsrum

My little black female cat Pärlan loves the pillow to :)

Do you now see what I mean by The Power of pillows? They really make such a difference both in the house and also outside on the balcony or terass. So go home bye some new hot pillows to spice up your boring sofa…It really wants it:)

May the pillow power be with you all!


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