The 10 Best IKEA Drawers Ever

IKEA is well known for its cost-effective and practical furniture designs. One of their
best-selling items is their drawer line, which offers a variety of uses with plenty of
storage space.

We have created a list of the top 10 IKEA drawers after thoroughly searching and
analyzing the customers’ reviews and best seller products to combine every
product’s design, use, and longevity. Discover the ideal storage option for your home
or workplace!

IKEA Drawers favorites

1. Malm Chest of 4 Drawers

Because of its modern aesthetic and functional versatility, the Malm series is a
popular option. This four-drawer chest is not an exception. It has a pull-out drawer
stop mechanism that runs smoothly, ensuring user safety and convenience.
The top surface has plenty of room for displaying ornaments, and the straightforward
design lets it fit in with many different interior types. The Malm’s chest is made of
fiberboard and particleboard, making it solid and light.

2. Kallax Shelf Unit with 4 Drawers

The Kallax line is renowned for its modular construction, which enables customers to
design unique storage solutions. Four drawers and movable shelves are included
with this particular unit, giving you plenty of room for your possessions.

The particleboard construction of the unit and the solid birch wood handles on the
drawers guarantee its sturdiness and longevity. The Kallax shelf unit is ideal for
keeping your living room, bedroom, or office organized.

3. Hemnes 8-Drawer Dresser

‘Hemnes furniture is renowned for its traditional style and all-wood construction. This
eight-drawer dresser gives your home a sophisticated look while providing lots of
storage space.

The dresser is robust and environmentally friendly because it is built of solid pine
sourced from sustainable forests. The drawers’ pull-out stops ensure safety, and the
transparent acrylic lacquer finish makes upkeep simple.

4. Nordli 6-Drawer Chest

The Nordli series is well known for its cutting-edge style and adaptable features. This
six-drawer chest is ideal for individuals requiring lots of storage in a little package.
Since the series is modular, it is simple to expand or customize.

Integrated dampers ensure that the drawers close softly and silently. Fiberboard,
particleboard, & ABS plastic were used in the chest’s construction to ensure its
sturdiness and endurance.

5. Brimnes 3-Drawer Chest

The Brimnes series is distinguished by its clear lines and sound design. For tiny
areas, this three-drawer chest is the perfect storage option.

The top drawer’s frosted glass panels provide a touch of beauty, and the
easy-to-use, smooth-running drawers featuring pull-out stops provide safety.
Particleboard and fiberboard were used to create the chest, making it a great
portable storage option.

6. Alex Drawer Unit

Due to its sound design and generous storage space, the Alex series is a popular
option for offices and craft rooms. This drawer cabinet has six roomy drawers ideal
for storing paperwork, stationery, or crafting materials.

Particleboard, fiberboard, and steel were used to make the unit, which increases its
sturdiness and stability. The casters make it possible to move the drawers quickly.

7. Tarva 5-Drawer Chest

With the Tarva line, you can give your furniture a natural, unfinished appearance and
add your style with paint or stain. Made of solid pine, this five-drawer is strong and

Its straightforward form suits various room types, and the safe, smooth-running
drawers have pull-out brakes. For individuals who want to use their imagination and
personalize their storage solution, the Tarva chest is ideal.

8. Godmorgon 4-Drawer High Cabinet

The Godmorgon series is made exclusively for bathroom storage and combines
aesthetics and functionality. This four-drawer high cabinet’s tall, narrow shape makes
it ideal for small bathrooms with constrained space.

A soft-closing mechanism on the drawers makes for a smooth and sound operation.
The cabinet has a high-gloss, moisture-resistant finish built of ABS plastic and

9. Songesand 6-Drawer Chest

The Songesand line has a classic appearance with a dash of contemporary
elegance. This six-drawer chest gives your bedroom a posh appearance while
providing plenty of storage space.

The top surface offers additional area for exhibiting ornamental things. The
Songesand chest is made of fiberboard and particleboard, making it solid and light.

10. Stuva/Fritids 3-Drawer Chest

Children’s requirements are the focus of the Stuva/Fritids line, which combines fun
and usefulness. This three-drawer chest’s vibrant drawer fronts give any kid’s room a
fun feels.

Its safety-tested construction guarantees that it is appropriate for kid-friendly areas,
and the movable legs offer stability on uneven floors. The chest comprises ABS
plastic, particleboard, and fiberboard, making it sturdy and straightforward to clean.

FAQ – IKEA Drawers

What materials are commonly used in IKEA drawers?

IKEA drawers are often constructed using various materials, such as ABS plastic,
fiberboard, solid wood, and particleboard. These materials were picked for their
dependability, accessibility, and simplicity. Depending on the design, some
higher-end models may also have metal components or glass embellishments.

How do I maintain and clean my IKEA drawers?

You must routinely clean and maintain your IKEA drawers for them to remain in top
shape. Use a damp cloth and a gentle cleaner to clean surfaces in general, and then
wipe them dry with a fresh cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals
since they can damage the surface.

Can I customize my IKEA drawers?

Numerous IKEA drawers allow for some customization, either because of their
modular construction or because they may be made unique by being painted or
stained. For instance, the Tarva series uses solid pine that isn’t polished and can be
stained or painted to fit your preferred color. On the other hand, the Kallax series
provides modular pieces that let you build a storage solution tailored to your needs.

How can I ensure the safety of my IKEA drawers?

It’s essential to adhere to the specified assembly instructions and use the proper
hardware for attaching the drawers to the wall, if necessary, to ensure the security of
your IKEA drawers. Many IKEA drawer models have built-in safety features that
prevent accidents, like pull-out brakes and soft-closing mechanisms.

Conclusion – Ikea drawers

By buying one of these stylish cheap Ikea chests of drawers, you both save money and get smart storage. It is also possible to make nice Ikea chest of drawers hack a many of these models. Spruce up the chest of drawers with stylish stickers or new paint. Changing the handle on the Ikea chest of drawers also gives it a completely new look. Don’t miss Inredningsvis IKEA-hack series, you can find it under IKEA in our categories.

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