Buying Swedish real estate: Bovision

Looking for real estate in your own country can be difficult enough, not to mention when looking overseas. That’s why I’ve got a tip here for you today if you’re looking for real estate in Sweden. Bovision is a company that has a large range of villas and apartments on their books. Bovision had Sweden’s very first real estate website, which has just be re-launched at http://bovision.se/

There are over 35 000 ads online right now, so somewhere in there is your Swedish dream house or apartment just waiting to be discovered!


This extravagant apartment in Stockholm has lovely, large open areas.



This is what my dream place looks like: Classy, decorated ceilings, ceramic fireplaces and chandeleirs :)




Image search and Bovision

Bovision has a very simple search function which makes it easy for anyone to find a dream house quickly and easily.

Their search engine is unique as it shows large images in the searc results list – a very useful function.

When you have found your Swedish dream house, Bovision can send you directly to a registered real estate agent, which makes life easier if you decide to go ahead an make an offer.

I hope you find your ultimate Swedish house dream! :)

Have a great day!



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