Ceramic tile fireplaces for a cosy Autumn

If the phrase “cosy Autumn” existed in a dictionary, next to it would bound to be a picture of a ceramic tile fireplace :) There is nothing more beautiful and cosy than old Swedish ceramic fireplaces. In Gothenburg – my dear home town – there are many turn of the century apartments which almost always have ceramic tiled fireplaces. These apartments are their ideal environments, and they should never be removed! As you see, the focus of today’s post is on ceramic fireplaces in the home.

Ceramic tile fireplaces: inspiration

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Ceramic fireplaces: Did you know…

The oldest ceramic fireplaces in their most simple form date back to the 15th Century. These days they are considered Swedish, but they are known to have come to Sweden from Germany toward the end of the Middle Ages. The earliest ceramic tile fireplaces discovered in Sweden are dated to the 16th Century.

Ceramic tile fireplaces became status furniture during the 18th Century. Wealthy households would proudly decorate them to show off to the neighbours. A whole new trade was established in Sweden: The Ceramic Tile Fireplace Maker. Most of the fireplaces were produced by local tradesmen, but factories started appearing during the 18th Century in places such as Rörstrand (started 1726), Marieberg (1758-1788), Gustavsberg, Uppsala and Ekeby.

The ceramic fireplace was and is an expensive item and something to be proud of. When decorating a room, it was given the highest priority.

Do you have ceramic tile fireplaces at home? I order you to send me some photographs as I am a true ceramic-tile-fireplace-aholic! :)

Have a cosy Friday :)


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