Christmas gifts ala Country Style



LOVELY feminine spa products and wallet from the famous English designer Cath Kidson. You can by all her stuff from countrystyle.se



Isn’t this kids stuff simply adorable???? I LOVE that cute little owl :)


Scented candles are my choice for the perfect Christmas gift :)




Now it’s time for some lovely Christmas gifts again. Today I’d like to recommend a site called countrystyle.se – a lovely country style online boutique with everything you could wish for in the way of presents. Countrystyle is unique as they are the only shop in Sweden that sells wonderful items from the designer Cath Kidson. Check out their range of Cath Kidson bath and spa products – perfect for Christmas gifts to both Aunts, Grandmas, and demanding little sisters :)

Small things are perfect to give away as they are easy to wrap and transport. I’m an advocate for scented candles as the perfect Xmas gift. Check out country candles from countrystyle, a great gift that both looks and smells good… I LIKE :)

I grew up in the country and really love that same atmosphere at Xmas. It’s so cosy to light an open fire and drick mulled wine under the scent of a newly cut Christmas pine tree. No other Christmas will ever be as perfect again as my childhood Christmases, but until then, at least I can find the perfect Christmas presents :)

What Christmas memories do you have from your childhood?



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