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Those curtains make my heart sing mmmm


Amazing antique porcelain…takes any table seting to seventh heaven :)






A perfect place to get that beauty rest :)

I have always had a great passion for history and things with an air of the past. Without history, we would live in a confused present without a permanent foundation. I live in an old wooden house and I’m mighty proud of. In Gothenburg, you can find some real antique bargains. We have antique dealers as well as flea markets. I like to go there often to soak up the atmosphere of the old stuff that is waiting for a new home.

The most beautiful type of interior design, of course, is the right balance between old and new. One can have an ultra modern luxury apartment, but without the possessions that have a soul and personality, the home is dead and stereotyped. Even just a few old things such as an antique couch or chair are all you need to make a home beautiful and alive. Too much old stuff can make your home feel dated and more like a museum. It’s balance that makes all the difference :)

Have you bought any antique bargains recently??… Tell us!

Have a great day!


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