Decorative cushions: Tips for a hot sofa

Is your sofa tired and worn? Thinking about buying a new one? WAIT! Because new decorative cushions can give your sofa a makeover in no time :)

Here are some hot cushion tips:

Decorative cushions

prydnadskuddar 1


new england prydnadskuddar

randiga prydnadskuddar


prydnadskudde leopard

kuddar soffa


kuddar soffan

orientaliska kuddar

prydnadskuddar 3

Cushions: Four fab tips

  1. Mix lots of different styles, sizes and patterns.
  2. Use a light beige or white sofa as your cushion ‘canvas’ to get the most out of your cushion colours and patterns.
  3. Be passionate. Don’t try to match things too perfectly. There is beauty in imperfection :)
  4. Sew your own cushion covers to get a unique look suited for your sofa

If you don’t know where to start looking for your dream cushions, I can recommend the shopping portal Shopalike.se. That’s where I got all of the wonderful cushion images for today’s post.

Have fun on the couch :)


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