Designer furniture from Voga

The webshop for this week is Voga, a designer furniture company where quality and class is always at the fore. Their designer furniture is so similar to the originals that only the most trained eyes have a chance of seeing the difference. The only real difference is the price, which means that most people can afford quality design at home :)



Arne Jacobsens original Series 7 chair (the top image) is one of the best selling iconic stools in the world. 1246 SEK at VOGA.

Arne Jacobsens iconic egg chair, from 5476 SEK at VOGA


Eero Aarnio – Åskbollen, 6464 SEK from VOGA

Designer furniture

The name Voga comes from the Italian word for fashionable and in vogue, which perfectly sums up what the Voga are all about – timeless furniture that will always be “in vogue”.

Voga is about so much more than copies of designer furniture at low prices. The quality is just as fantastic as the originals, and their customer service is excellent. With a Trustpilot of 9 out of 10, they must be doing something right. VOGA also allows their customers to try their furniture at home, before making a commitment. Returns are completely free of charge.

Inredningsvis is all about luxury at a budget price and design with class for everyone. That’s why we give Voga 10 out of 10 and recommend you visit one of Europe’s best webshops for designer furniture :)

Have a lovely sunny weekend! :)



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