Easter crafts and Easter decorations

Easter is almost here, and that means time with the family, Easter arts and crafts, and Easter decorations. Sure, you can hard-boil some eggs and paint faces on them, but why not try something a little different this year?

When I grew up in the country, every Easter began by making a group of decorations and picking moss from the pine forest nearby. It was wonderful to be so close to nature and hear the Spring birds chirping. Nothing will ever beat my wonderful Easters with my mother in the country, but at least I can show you all how to make your very own cosy Easter this year with handcrafts and decorations :)

Easter handcrafts and decorations: 8 new ideas!

1. Make your own Easter flower group

You need:

  • A small basket or tin bucket
  • Earth or stone to add weight to the container
  • Fresh, green moss as a base to be laid on top of the earth/stone
  • Mini daffodils
  • Free choice Easter decorations at the front of the group. I used home made painted Easter eggs, and small yellow chickens

You can of course create all sorts of variations, e.g. with ivy or willow twigs. Use your imagination. You design the masterpiece :)


2. Surprise guests with Easter bunny serviettes

What could be more fun that sitting down for an Easter meal with something a little unexpected at the table?

Here is a serviette, folded into a cute Easter bunny. Folding instructions HERE

3. Coconut balls a la Easter


  • 50 g butter at room temp.
  • 4 dl oats
  • 1 dl lemon curd
  • Little yellow and red food colouring
  • Grated coconut
  • Sweet almonds


  • Mix the butter, oats, lemon curd, and food colouring.
  • Make small balls and roll in grated coconut.
  • Use a sweet almont as a beak, and two silver sugar balls as eyes.
  • Et voila! Easter chicken coconut balls!

Based on: http://arkelsten.blogspot.se

4. Egg heads with growing green hair


  • Boil eggs
  • Remove the tops
  • Scoop out the rest of the egg, rinse, and put the empty shells in an egg container
  • Fill sheels with some grass seeds and a little soil
  • Water regularly
  • Paint shells carefully

Image from: http://kryddburken.se

5. Draw cute faces on unpainted eggs

  • Use coloured felt tip pens with small nibs
  • Paint funny faces directly on to hard boiled eggs
  • Lot’s of fun for children at the breakfast table :)

Image: Styleroom

6. Easter table setting


  • Easter table setting can be made with fabirc and crepe paper that you cut patterns in
  • A different and decorative egg container as a next can be bought at a hobby shop
  • Spread out small, cute chickens here and there t make the table more alive
  • Mix happy colours, decorate with leaves and feathers

Who wouldn’t want this sort of table setting to accompany an Easter meal :)

7. Birds nest with old thread and lace


  • Attach a blown up balloon to a glass with some tape
  • Glue threads, wool, and lace to the balloon
  • When the glue has dreied, pop the balloon and peel away the nest
  • Fill the nest with some extra material
  • Fill with your Easter eggs

From: http://www.familjenbahne.com

8. Easter bunny macarons


  • Option 1: Create shapes out of silly putty. Paint. Stick together with glue.(Do *not* eat!)
  • Option 2: Buy macarons. Make icing in different colours. Create shapes out of coloured icing. Stick together. (Eat) :)

These were some cheap and cheerful Easter craft and decoration ideas. We hope you enjoyed them!

Do you have anything fun planned for Easter?

Have a great day, from team Inredningsvis

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