Get a luxury table setting on a budget

The large family party at the door and you want a feast of feasts ala Cinderella’s ball, but the budget says NO. What to do?

KEEP CALM and listen to Miss Inredningsvis tips how to make a guaranteed  luxurious table setting but on a budget. There is nothing that says that just because something looks expensive, that it must be just that:)

Table setting

dukningdukning höst

 How to set the table with the right cloth

If you want a luxurioustable fast simpley use a runner in lace. Always use a white linen cloth  as a basis then it’s just to set the table with any playful colors you want. For example use a white classic tablecloth, linen-colored runners and set the table with colored porcelain and IT may become a stylish table setting dream.

Then of course, decorate the table with greenery after the season. Look above the aptly like this in the harvest season used different beet as table decoration. So neat and imaginative, I think. This is especially good in the fall if you will arrange a luxurious harvest dinner :)

dukning glasvit dukning

Set the table with details

The use of small details in the table settings do much, but they certainly do not need to be expensive. One can tinker and tweaking up name cards in a simple manner as above with plain paper. Tie the flowers you picked on napkins or tie the napkins with gold ribbon on.

Everything is possible and only your imagination sets the stop when it comes to a glam table.

rosa dukning

fest bord

Spice up your table with a pop of color

If you are going to set the table with paint so I can recommend to keep the base white. If the tablecloth is white so you can take in the very color of flowers, napkins and table runners. On both canvas and all the details are in color, the big picture too cluttered and brightly colored to give a neat stylish impression.

Less is more and this famous expression is also great when it comes to setting the table :)


Set the table with greens

It need not just be the lettuce is green on the table. No take such a long loop ivy and lay it across the middle of the table. This provides a sober and soothing impression. Then set as shown lots of mixed candlesticks in various lengths along the countryside. Here it nicely with a simple white china with old silverware to.

If you want to avoid plant debris after the party so choose fake green plants. They look so real like nowadays I promise that no guest will guess it smells imitation at the table. Only the food is authentic and cooked with love that dissolves everything else, I promise :)

lyxig dukningdukning billigt

Table setting

Gorgeous white porcelain and glasses are available in many firms cheaply nowadays. So when you are bargain-hunting it is the only cutlery and details that are left. Old fine silver cutlery you can bargain cheap at the flea market. Ornaments easily make yourself and runners are also cheap in many stores.

So with that said, ALWAYS luxury on a budget :)


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