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A phrase that has often pops up in decor circles all around the world is Nordic light – a feeling of the modern, Scandinavian clean decor style. Our light style is the exact opposite of the eternal darkness we struggle with up here every Winter.

I hear a lot of praise for Swedish decor and design among overseas readers. That’s why I thought to give you some simple decor tips, as well as bedroom inspiration ala Swedish style from the experts, alvhemmakleri.se


The key to Swedish decor is to remove unnecessary objects in a room leaving behind a simple shell. Dark curtains, carpets and walls: gone. Less is more is an expression that describes Swedish design.


Rooms should have large, open spaces with light from all directions. This gives a clean and stylish feeling. Mix with a couple of antique bargains for a personal touch. If you have an old tiled fireplace such as in the picture, congrats…very Swedish, and very beautiful :)


Ett tips är att köpa ljusa enfärgade sängkläder av finaste bomull och vita tunna enkla gardiner för den rätta rena känslan. Ett alternativ till vanliga gardiner är en hissgardin, som lämnar rummet ljust och luftigt. Lägg till sist till några typiskt nordiska detaljer. Det kan vara en päls pläd nonchalant slängd över sängkanten och en fårskinnsmatta på golvet.


Paint boring dark floors in high-gloss white for that true Scandinavia style… very hot right now :)


And voila…easy, beautiful, sought after. Scandinavian style is like making food – sometimes simple is best.

Good luck, have a great weekend and enjoy the last lazy days of summer:)


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