Gothenburg travel – tips from Arken SPA

It has been a turbulent time so I decided to disconnect me from cypberspace and take a SPA feel good day. Every woman must sometimes just get away from home and get real pampered :)

Here you get a glam Gothenburg spa tip from me who knows how a sauna should be handled and used :)

Gothenburg spa Tips

göteborg spa tips

spa tips gbg

arken spa göteborg

On Arken SPA you can get access to the most like food, exercise, massage, sauna, yoga, and the art of just being.

Everywhere you see a painting of a girl with her finger to her mouth as respectful cherish to respect the silence of the whole spa. A nice contrast to the city’s eternal loud noises.

bra spa tips

spa ställen bästa

You can see amazing art and wooden sculptures everywhere at Arken SPA :)

spa i göteborg 2

spa i göteborg

On the veranda outside the restaurant there are a lovely warm water pool. you can lie and relax to the sound of ocean noise and wind chimes. You always get the thoughts of mystique Japan and the geishas at Arken SPA.

bästa göteborg spa tips

bästa spa

Look at this amazing open fireplace with the pool as background :)

spa tips göteborg

Gothenburg spa Tips

If I should give a Gothenburg spa tips Arken Spa probably is the first thing you think of. This classic spa resort is located specifically at Hisingen in Gothenburg in the middle of an industrial area. One can hardly believe that such a beautiful oasis lies there when you drive past all the factories. My day began with a briefing and a guide from a spa girl. Then you had to refreshments in a casual part of the restaurant of the hotel. What you feel right at Arken spa is a contagious calm and there huh exactly what I was looking for.

Then I tried on different ångbastus with blah. Lavender and tea tree oil. I bathed whirlpool overlooking the sea and were hanging in the hot water pool. It, however, I lacked was a real pool where I had wanted to swim a turn.

At the end of the stay at Arken Spa I had a lovely treatment where I was packed in with clay. After that I got a massage from Swedish masseur Natalie. The last thing I ate a good fish dinner in the restaurant and then brought it back to reality again. I left Arken spa calm, more peace and more in balance than when I got there :)

To all of you who are looking Gothenburg spa tip I recommend you a visit Arken SPA. A peaceful oasis in the middle of city chaos where the mind gets pleasure and the soul can rest from the stress.

Relax more :)


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