Hola Mallorca! Decor crush of the day

hola mallorca

Probably one of the most AMAZING bedrooms my beauty-craving eyes have ever seen :)




This house has a perfect mix of modern stylish details and classic Spanish rustic decor. And you know that Housedoctor Maria always recommends mixing old stuff with new, to get the perfect decor balance :)




hola mallorca

Hola Mallorca!

Today’s BIG decor crush is this Spanish farmhouse residence in Mallorca. After all of the Swedish homes, it is now time for change (I hate getting stuck in a rut :) and I will now begin to show you beautiful homes from around the world. The first perfect 10 goes to Spain and it’s not hard to see why. I say Hola Mallorca! I mean, who wouldn’t want to be the Princess and the Pea in this incredibly beautiful rustic bedroom :)

The most fun part about being an interior design and decor blogger is that I get to see so many different styles of homes. Different countries have their deifferent decor styles. Swedish interior design is very popular abroad due to its simplicity and purity of style. It is the opposite of America, which often displays a lot of dark wood and a more grand style.

Personally, I love French decor as I am a true everything-French-addict. I’m therefore trying to get a little feeling of Parisian Chic at home right now :)

Which country do you think has the hottest interior style??

Have a beautiful day, cuties!


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