Hot trend – Black Christmas decor

I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas! There is actually a horror movie from the 70’s called Black Christmas, which is one of my favo horror movies. But enough about that for now, this is about the hot Christmas trend 2015, where black Christmas decor is the thing.

Terrible according to some, and too wonderful for other more trendy people!

Black Christmas decor

svart jul

This is Christmas 2015 and it very black!

svarta julklappar

If you do not go all the way with the black Christmas, it is enough to decorate with some black accents like candles or Christmas gift wrapping.

svart jul inspiration

jul veranda

A black Christmas is not necessarily just indoors!

svart juldukningsvart julinredningblack christmas decor

Black Christmas decor

Personally, I do not like black Christmas decor that much, as the interior becomes like all other interiors the rest of the year in Sweden. But I can still appreciate black decor, as in the pictures above if it is done in a proper way :)

But it’s still fun that it will challenge the red and white classic Christmas. Christmas 2015 is not like all other Christmases – it is more rocky and more challenging than before.

What do you think about celebrating a black Christmas ??


Film tips for the Christmas holiday :)

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