7 Ikea Furniture Makeover Ideas

Ikea furniture is undoubtedly functional and affordable, but it’s plain and generic look which
may be dull sometimes. If you also feel the same and want to infuse creativity into your
furniture, this article is for you.

Luckily, with some imagination and DIY skills, you can turn your ordinary Ikea pieces into
one-of-a-kind statement pieces that express your personality and style. This article explores
some of the creative and inspiring Ikea furniture makeover ideas to update and personalize
your Ikea furniture.

1. Turn your IKEA dresser into Television Cabinet

Are you looking to buy a TV cabinet but find it too expensive? With this makeover idea, you
can easily repurpose an inexpensive Ikea dresser into a Television cabinet. Use furring strips
and 1x2s to build a dresser. Now paint the base, and wax the surface. Lastly, add caster
wheels for a perfect-looking and functional TV cabinet that you can move around your living

2. Transform your IKEA bed into a Sofa

To make your walk-in closet livelier, repaint the floors and the walls, add task lighting, and
put cushions and throws on two matching Ikea beds. This will create a great-looking sofa,
without having to spend a ton of money buying a new one.

3. Repurpose your IKEA Besta cabinet frame to make a
Television Cabinet / Stand

Start by assembling your IKEA besta cabinet frame while leaving the doors off. Twist the
wooden legs onto the bottom of your frame. Use a straight edge and a box cutter, and put
the grasscloth inside the frame edge above the glass.
Now cut the grasscloth to size, and glue the sheets to the Besta door. While the glue dries,
paint the wooden tops for the BESTA cabinet in your choice of color.
Use the drill to measure and mark to attach the handles and grasscloth fronts; you can place
the wood on top with wood glue and clamps.

4. Turn your Ikea Kallax Book Shelve into a bar cart

Install bass-based casters on the four edges of the shelf. Use a gold foiling pen to color the
silver screws on the shelf.

Flip the shelf upside down and mark the areas where you want to place the handles. Drill the
holes, insert the brass washer, and bolt into the handle. You can use your vintage inspiration
to adorn the shelf, and give it a more classy vintage look.

5. Turn your Ikea Besta Shelf Unit into a Floating Credenza

Measure and mark the areas where you wish to place the shelf on the wall. Install the Besta
suspension rails to the unit. Install the shelf unit on the wall and fix the unit doors.
Next, sand the surface of the wood panel and ensure to smoothen any sharp edges. Paint
the wood with various coats and allow it to dry for a day.

Now, apply the polyurethane and allow it to set properly. Finish the artwork by brushing on
the contact cement to the uppermost region of the Besta shelf. Once the glue is set, fill your
floating credenza with dishes, blankets, and more.

6. Turn your Ikea chest of drawers into rattan Ikea drawers

Place a grass cloth on the cutting mat. Cut a piece that equals the usual drawer size while
the drawer’s front faces up, and spread glue across the front using a foam brush.
Now, keep the grasscloth facing down on the mat and place the gluey region of the drawer
on the back of the grasscloth. Once the adhesive dries, cut the excess away.

Once the glue is nicely set, cut the excess grass cloth surrounding the drawer front using the
rotary cutter. Use a knife to make a small hole in the center of the drawer to place the knob.
Finally, attach every knob to the drawer fronts, and you are all set!

7. Transform a Ikea Besta Shelf into a Retro Sideboard Cabinet

Start by staining the table legs using a wood stain and foam brush. While the finished legs
dry, place the shelf on its rear side, with the table doors facing up—measure and mark
where you wish to place the handle. The best placement would be 11 1/2 inches from the
corner of the shelf and 14 inches above the shelf’s bottom.

Drill the plates, and fix the knob down onto the plate. Finally, screw the finished legs into the
shelf’s bottom, where the standard adjustable table legs would go inside the pre-drilled

Ikea furniture Makeover FAQs

1. What Ikea products can you customize?

Here is a list of commonly-used Ikea furniture pieces that you can personalize with simple
● Sideboards
● Office storage furniture
● Credenzas
● TV stands
● Entryway furniture
● Dressers
● Nightstands

2. What are the best products available online to customize
your IKEA furniture pieces?

Creating custom furniture is quick and accessible for everyone Ikea user. You can add a
personalized touch to a range of Ikea products using the following:

● Besta Cabinets, varied-colored doors, and shelves to customize your TV stands,
Credenzas, and Office furniture.
● Malm nightstands to redesign your drawer fronts and accessories.
● Drawers with sections and colors to personalize your dresser.
● Sektion wall cabinet frame and other hardware to form a tall sideboard.
● Legs and knobs of a universal fit to add to any Ikea piece to make it more attractive.
● Doors and shelves give a refreshing look to your entryway furniture.

3. Can you do an Ikea furniture makeover yourself, or do
you need professional assistance?

You can quickly get replacement products from top retailers online and offline. Also, if you
plan a furniture makeover, you can easily do it yourself without professional assistance.
It is easy to move and assemble the pieces yourself, and the furniture design allows plenty
of room for experimenting with creative ideas when transforming or matching the elements.

4. What type of professional furniture makeover assistance
does Ikea offer?

Ikea offers a wide range of services, including online or in-store interior or furniture advice to
help you do everything yourself.

Whether you need to help redesign your cabinet, wardrobe, or your new kitchen or select the
right storage furniture, their specialists will assist you in buying, collecting, transporting, and
assembling products with ease.

Some of their services include:
● Personal shopper to help you buy the right products to renovate your furniture
● Measuring service to measure the space before designing it
● Kitchen planning to makeover your dream kitchen using specialized assistance.
● Inspiration ideas and expert advice to help you design your interiors


Whether you wish to do a complete makeover, add new hardware, or paint your Ikea
furniture, there are endless options for personalization and customization.

The above Ikea furniture makeovers are fun ways to help you infuse new life into your plain
interior style without spending a lot of money.
Following them, you can quickly achieve an eye-catching look for your home decor.

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