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I’m starting a new category here at inredningsvis that I’ve entitled: “Inspiring People”. Inredningsvis stands for everything inspirational, and that includes of course people. I’ll start by presenting a woman by the name of Ann Nyberg, that inspires me due to her lust for life, drive, passion and charm. Ann is a wellk-known Emmy-nominated TV personaluty in Connecticut (USA), with over 30 years of experience in television.

Ann wrote to me and told me about her strong Swedish roots, which was especially interesting as I’m also Swedish. I’ve always loved geneology and am even more inspired to look into my own family history after reading about Ann’s. In this post, Ann tells us about her family ties in Sweden, and answers some burning questions ala inredningsvis. The stage is yours, Ann. Tell us about your Swedish roots!

ann nyberg

Ann Nyberg

My name is Ann Nyberg and I am the grand child of Hanna Lovisa Johansson and William Nyberg. Hanna was from the town of Hogsater in the province of Tangelanda. My Grandfather was from Harnosand, they immigrated to the U.S. and settled outside of Chicago in the town of South Bend, Indiana. I grew up on all kinds of swedish food and my favorite on everything are lingonberries. The problem with all of this is I have never been to Sweden, that is on my list:)

Ann Nyberg

Here is Anne’s paternal Grandmother from Sweden, Hanna Lovisa Johansson. You can see some similarities :)

My questions to Ann Nyberg as the first Inspiring Person here on inredningsvis:

Q: How do you describe your blog and why did you start it??

I actually have two blogs. www.AnnieMame.com and www.NetworkConnecticut.com
www.AnnieMame.com is a blog about all the vintage and new things I sell in my boutique in Madison, Connecticut. Most of the things are made by people in my state. Many of the items that are sewed or knitted, I do myself.

www.NetworkConnecticut.com was set up to help connect and network the people in my state with each other to help them move ahead, that is so needed these days in an economy that has been tough. Because I have been on the air for so long people know me and trust me and I have been able to help a lot of people.

Q: What are your favourite decor/interior design items in your home?

My home is very ecclectic meaning, I collect what I like, and I am very sentimental so items that remind me of my three daughters are the things I love to have around the house. That means a lot of photos.

Q: What is your biggest source of motivation in your job?

My biggest source in my job as a television newscaster is the story, I am always chasing “the story.” Because I am on board with all things social media, facebook and Twitter and on and on, I also started an online show at my television station, WTNH-TV (ABC). It is called “NYBERG.” I have guests on and we talk at a table about “their” story, what makes them tick. you can see those stories here: http://www.wtnh.com/generic/news/more-nyberg-interviews

Q: Can you name two things about yourself that no one else knows?

I am rather an open book, so people know a lot about me, perhaps they don’t know that I would love to write a book about one of my favorite spots on the planet and that is the village of Oia on the Greek island of Santorini and my favorite colors are teal and “glitter” anything that sparkles is wonderful.

Q: Do you have a favourite time period when it comes to decor/interior design?

My all time favorite is Art Deco, with the release of the latest “The Great Gatsby” movie that is all coming back, bring on the Roaring 20’s I say where fashion and interiors were highly stylized. Throw in a little Hollywood glam and I’m in heaven. That is not to say that I don’t also love shabby chic and the way my Swedish Grandmother decorated her home in all blues and whites, it was beautiful.

Q: You are an inspiration for inredningsvis. What inspires you most of all?

What inspires me? People that survive all kinds of things in their lives and children, how do they persevere through illness, they are inspiring. I set up an organization twenty years ago called the “Toy Closet” program. Every child who is admitted to Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut, in the town in which I am on the air, gets a trip to one of several toy closets that are full of toys. It is my way of soothing children who may be sick or have cancer. The program has given out hundreds of thousands of toys over the years to children from around the world who enter the hospital. Children are my heroes.


I hope you liked my first interview. I think Ann’s last answer about being inspired by sick children with a lust for life against all odds was very moving. People that unselfishly help others are beautiful people in my book.

Who inspires you?

Have an inspirational weekend!


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