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Today I have a feeling and that feeling is classic English cozy. I’m whisked away to the TV series Midsommer Murders and Agatha Christie’s famous TV classics. Rooms filled with class and style, riding horses along beautiful forest trails and a sherry in front of an open crackling fire.

The English interior style at its best is rich reddish brown mahogany and a beautiful English classic armchair – a must for true Winter cosiness. English is also tea in a blue-flowered pot, small-flowered wallpaper and curtains with tie-backs, a horde of small tables where the fabric reaches down to the floor, an oriental mat and shelves full of decorated porcelain.

It should be crowded and a little dark, you should sink down where you sit. There should be exposed beams in the ceiling and everything should be covered in a light lavender scent. That’s the English cozy way, according to both the English and the Swedes :)

What do you think about the English style…lovely or just old and dusty??

Have a nice day, sweeties!


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