Interior trends autumn and winter 2022

It’s high time for interior design trends fall 2022! Summer is coming to an end and unfortunately it always goes by just as fast every year. But my favorite month is definitely September and I can like the beginning of autumn more because I like when it’s a little cooler in the air so you can breathe. What’s also fun about autumn and a new season are all the new trends that come with it.

New colors, shapes and materials are gaining momentum. The furnishing trend that has dominated 2022 so far is the wood trend, marble and sustainable furnishing. These trends will also continue into the autumn and we are sure that the trend will be long-lived as these materials are so stylish and timeless.

Here you now get interior design trends for autumn 2022 and some unexpected whims await you.

Interior trends autumn & winter 2022

1. Marble is a super trendy material

Marble is a timeless material and this year also the trendiest stone material. We see countless Instagram homes with marble both in the kitchen and marble furniture in all rooms of the home. Having a fireplace clad in marble immediately gives the room an exclusive feel.

2. Wooden furniture is trending

Another interior design trend that continues to dominate our homes even this autumn is the wood trend! Sweden is the country that has embraced nature and the wood trend the most. Maybe because we already have a strong connection to the wild forest and nature outside. This autumn we see even more wood in both furniture and interior details. We like to match warm wood with cool marble and beige stylish shades all around.

3. Rounded and bubble shaped furniture

We are seeing more and more rounded and bubble-shaped furniture this season. The sofas have round shapes and sometimes bubble shapes like the furniture above. Match these soft furnishings with trendy wood and cooler marble for the right balance in the room.

4. Focus on the home office

The home office has become the most important space in the home during the Corona pandemic. More and more people work from home, and then the home office also needs to deliver. The focus now is on ergonomic home offices and multitasking furniture such as work chairs with multiple functions. If you have a small home, try building the home office into the closet or have a mini office corner in the living room.

5. Mix unexpected materials

This autumn we see trends with different textiles mixed together! Feel free to match cotton with teddy or linen with luxurious velvet. Try the unexpected and match harder, sharper textile structures together with romantically soft ones such as velvet.

Expect the unexpected is this autumn’s signature!

6. The 80s are back with a cavalcade of colors

80s inspiring decor and colors! We’ve been seeing beige and natural colors for quite a while now. As a fun anecdote to this, there is now much more color in the trends in interior design. The loved and hated 80s are coming back with their strong neon color shades becoming a good complement to all the previously calming neutral colors in the rest of our interior. If you don’t want to go all into the interior with the 80s, then a few colored interior details made of porcelain or playful glass will suffice. cotton with teddy or linen with luxurious velvet. Try the unexpected and match harder, sharper textile structures together with romantically soft ones such as velvet.

4 trendy colors for autumn 2022

It is important to keep up with the turns. Trends come and go and when it comes to material choices, interior styles and colors, there are always some that are periodically more popular than others.

Autumn is a wonderful time when it comes to interior design. After spending a lot of time outside during the summer, we all long to get back indoors, with cozy evenings at home and relaxing hangs in front of the TV.

Many people feel like adding a little extra color to their home at this time of year. Either by investing in some new furniture or by repainting the walls. In this article, we will take a closer look at which colors are trendy for autumn 2022.

Hopefully, this article can help you on your way if you’ve run out of ideas and don’t know how to decorate your home to make it cozy and homely when autumn comes. However, keep in mind that trends are there to inspire and are not intended to be any absolute rules of conduct. In the end, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your home.

Natural colors are super trendy in autumn 2022

It is becoming more and more trendy to be environmentally conscious and to live a down-to-earth life, where you spend time out in nature, reduce your travel, etc. This is also reflected in the trends we see in interior design and the colors that are popular. Natural colors can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a good color to decorate your home with for autumn.

Natural colors also have the advantage that they are relatively easy to decorate with. They fit into most homes and create no obvious contrasts in relation to other colours. Beige is a natural color that works very well to decorate with.

Why not welcome autumn with a stylish beige armchair to brighten up your living room? Perfect for curling up to enjoy a good book.

Dark tones of green

Different shades of green have been trendy throughout 2022 and during the fall we see how darker shades of green continue to be popular. As it happens, plants are often green, which is why this trend is also reinforced by the herbs and spices that many people choose to bring into their homes during autumn.

Dark green pots with nice flowers in them or why not some fragrant spices to have in the kitchen? There is a lot of inspiration to be found here!

Autumn is also a time when we return to cooking cozy dinners indoors and the grill is put away in anticipation of next summer. Be sure to equip the kitchen with fresh spices so that you can spice up your cooking a little extra while you get a fragrant home. Flowers and plants make the home more homely and also make the air healthier to breathe.

Blue, blue winds and water

Blue is a color that continues to be popular and is also a classic fall color. Are you going to repaint the walls in a room? Then different pastel colors in blue are something you should take a closer look at. It looks really nice with blue pastels on the walls and it gives the room a little extra life, instead of having everything in white.

For those of you who don’t want to go big and repaint a room, there are easier ways to add some blue color to your home. Why not invest in a cozy blue blanket to throw over the sofa? Then you also have something extra warming when the autumn cold reminds you.

Autumn is a time when we want to find our way back to routines again. The kids are going back to school and it’s time to focus on things like work and getting all the everyday activities rolling. When we get home in the evenings, it’s darker outside and exciting programs are shown on TV again, which allows us to gather in the living room. Try to create a cozy atmosphere in your home and use blue elements to create a little more light in the autumn darkness.

Brown is a typical autumn color

The retro style is coming more and more and is a clear trend for autumn 2022. And when we talk about retro, the color brown is constantly recurring. We see it in all types of interior design and above all when it comes to furniture, such as armchairs, sofas, chairs and tables.

Brown also goes hand in hand with the natural materials that are also trending. Wooden furniture is something that also works all year round and can become permanent features in your home. Is there anything cozier than candles whose glow dances over a wooden piece of furniture?

A sneak peek into 2023

Finally, we will also peek into 2023 to see which colors are expected to take place in our homes for next year. Here we see that the trend with sustainability and the environment is continuing, which is in line with the trends we see ahead of autumn. This means that the 4 colors we covered in this article will last.

Final thoughts – Interior trends 2022

As we have seen in this article, there are 4 colors that will be seen a little extra in our Swedish homes during the fall of 2022.

These are:

  • Natural colors

All these colors are generally typical autumn colors and this year they come out a little extra thanks to the strong trend with sustainability and the environment. Many choose to buy used furniture and furnishings. The advantages are many, you get more for your money and you reduce your climate impact, to name a few.

When autumn comes, most of us feel a longing to spend more time indoors and then it is often about wanting to make it cozy in the home. At the same time, it is important not to make the home too dark and boring, which is why colors such as black and gray should not take up as much space. Lighter types of wood are more common and the colors blue and green both brighten up and give more life to the home.

Good luck with the coloring of your home this fall. Remember that the most important thing is not to follow the trends, but to create a home that you feel comfortable in. Let the trends help you find inspiration and new ideas!

There you have this year’s interior design trends autumn 2022. I hope you liked some of these autumnal trends. Personally, I love that the classic interior style is making a comeback as trendy. I have always loved the luxurious Hollywood style since I was a child. And I decorated tom. Barbie homes perfectly in this luxurious style. Maybe it was an inner desire how I wanted to live as an adult.

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