Kitchen decor on a budget

Many people dream about new classy kitchen decor like in all of those home decor magazines. Unfortunately however, we’re not all as rich as the owners of those dream kitchens. So, we need to make the most of whatever budgets we have. It’s possible to renovate and renew a kitchen with some relatively inexpensive tricks.

Here are some tips for new kitchen decor on a budget!

Kitchen decor: 5 budget ways to get a new kitchen

1. Grab a bargain online
Kitchen decor often sells for twice the price in physical shops, compared with online stores – especially, if the webshop has a sale on older models. You can grab a great bargain online if you look long and hard enough. One trick to to wait for Boxing day sales :)

2. Combine expensive and cheap
For example, you can buy the base of a kitchen at IKEA and then spend a little more on bench tops, lighting, and a wooden floor. The details make the difference.

3. Do a kitchen ‘makeover’
A makeover is probably the cheapest way to renew a kitchen. Take your old cupboard doors to a painter and before you know it, your old cupboards have a new lease of life.

You can also change all of the cupboard handles to a newer, more updated style. This is one of the details that makes the biggest difference in a kitchen. Then go out and find a new table and chairs at a 2nd hand store and spend a boring weekend re-painting them. Your old kitchen gets a new face and the 2nd hand furniture gives that sought-after retro feeling.

4. Get bargains on kitchen utensils at factory shops
Check out large factory second shops in your area. If you’re lucky, you just might make some real bargains on kitchen utensils and appliances!

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5. Renew the surroundings in your kitchen
The walls and floor in your kitchen are an important part of the overall impression. Buy new curtains and chair cushions. These can give an entire room a lift. Move in furniture from other rooms (eg. a bookcase) and see how it looks int he kitchen. Try a Persian rug. In other words: dare to change!

Make a picture frame wall all the way up to the ceiling above the kitchen table. This will definitely make a difference.

One last tip: Paint walls and window frames. A great way to freshen up an old, tired kitchen :)

I hope you’ve been inspired to hot-up your kitchen this Autumn with new, fresh, budget kitchen decor! :)

Have a great weekend, cuties!


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