11 Modern Bathroom Ideas to copycat

Above anything else, your bathroom should look and feel clean. After all, it is where you go for all things personal hygiene. And besides a regular cleaning routine to ensure things remain shiny and new, a thoughtful design plays an invaluable role in creating a clean bathroom that feels fresh all day long. This is where modern designs come in. Modern style can have different definitions for different people. However, when you think of it, the following concepts come to mind:

  • Minimalist silhouettes
  • Cool materials
  • State-of-the-art technology and plumbing
  • Contemporary lighting

Are you planning on remodelling the bathroom in your modem home? Here are some tips from prominent designers that you’ll find helpful.

Modern Bathroom Ideas

Add a Metallic Accent

This is a quick way to elevate your bathroom look. While copper pays homage to the industrial era, it is having quite a resurgence. The rose-gold hue is now used in coffee shops and co-working spaces, so why not bring it to the bathroom? If you prefer more subtle shades, consider chrome and gold schemes. Some classic ways to introduce metal into your bathroom without being too tacky or intrusive is through lighting fixtures, faucets and towel rails.

Go Eclectic

When it comes to modern bathroom decoration, nothing beats an eclectic design. The recent years have witnessed more and more homeowners going against the grain and ditching the conventional rules of interior design. For instance, having a period home doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate modern bathroom décor. It is now common to see ultra-modern homes being transitioned to traditional havens using bold colours and wall panelling. Interior designers argue that the ‘transitional design’ is slowly but steadily taking root. While it typically involves mixing modern with traditional, it could also mean mixing different genres, such as country cottage and edgy industrial. Transitional design is the perfect way to create bathrooms that reflect your personality.

Make a Statement With a Mirror

With modern bathrooms, appearances are everything, so consider throwing in a statement mirror. Whether you go for a smart mirror with unique settings or an ornately-framed mirror to create a focal point in your bathroom, ensure your choice reflects your personality. It is also important to remember that modern doesn’t always have to mean clean defined lines. Therefore, getting that abstract-shaped mirror you’ve been eyeing for so long wouldn’t hurt.

Install a Bathroom Cabinet

Of course, you will need a place to store your towels, shower gels, hair products, and possessions. This is where a bathroom cabinet comes in. ensure it complements your bathroom space. To improve visibility, consider incorporating LED lighting into your storage. Alternatively, you can use woven baskets, clear canisters and acrylic bins to store your things.

Explore Colours and Patterns

If you can’t stand a neutral bathroom, go for abstract patterns and bold colours to give your bathroom some life. Although dark bathrooms were a hot trend briefly, it is time to go back to bright colours and pleasant-looking designs. A great idea to try is pairing a zesty lime green shower screen with geometric luxury vinyl tiles.

What Bathroom Colours are Trending?

These are the bathroom colours you can expect to see in 2023 and maybe even in the years to come:

  • Soothing greens
  • Soft blues
  • Warm earth tones
  • Charcoal and bold black
  • Luxurious jewel tones

Go for Atmospheric Lighting

Who doesn’t want a relaxing evening in the bathroom pouring from their favourite wine bottle? Lighting is critical to creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. So, steer clear of bright overpowering illumination. Instead, opt for a source with a more understated feel and warmer light. An ideal choice for a modern bathroom is an industrial-style design.

Greyscale Panels Are the Game Changer

In an age where everyone is willing to pay for convenience, people are often looking for quick and easy solutions to renovate interior spaces. One such solution is waterproof panels–a grout-free way of upgrading your washroom.

What Are the Advantages of Using Greyscale Panels in Bathrooms?

Waterproof panelling is convenient in the following ways:

  • Preparing existing wall surfaces isn’t necessary
  • Fixing the prefabricated panels is easy
  • It takes a shorter time to fix waterproof panels than tiling
  • They are available in tones that mimic concrete

Consider Modern Bathroom Tile Designs

Are you in search of modern bathroom ideas with pattern and interest? A geometric bathroom tile scheme will undoubtedly make a striking feature in your bathroom. If you are going for a muted finish, a monochrome version is ideal. You can pair it with brass fittings to create a warm, inviting space.

Create a Focal Point

Introducing an intricate monochrome wall mural is a fantastic way to create a focal point in your modern bathroom. This feature draws the eye and gives an illusion of a larger space, something that will be useful if you’re dealing with a small bathroom. Complete the look with a stylish black freestanding bath and statement light fixtures.

How to Make a Small Bathroom Appear Bigger?

Here are some tips for creating an illusion of a bigger space in your small bathroom:

  • Let in more natural light
  • Install large mirrors
  • Stick to one colour palette
  • Hide storage behind mirrors
  • Go all-white
  • Match floor and wall colours
  • Experiment with different tile styles
  • Texture over colour

Bring in Some Colour With Accent Features

Monochrome and grey schemes are often preferred for modern bathrooms, so going for accent features is always a fantastic idea. These features add interest and colour to your space. Blush pink and mustard yellow would make great additions to a grey scheme.

According to designers, a bathroom that doesn’t receive sufficient natural light can significantly benefit from rich colours. These colours play around with artificial lighting sources to make a style statement. Painting bathroom furniture in similar tones adds to the dramatic effect of a dark bathroom.

Opt for Natural Materials to Create a Modern Twist

Using natural materials is key to creating a warm and inviting modern bathroom. It is, therefore, a great idea to incorporate wooden and stone accents into a sleek scheme. Doing so adds interest and texture to your modern bathroom without sacrificing its minimalist feel.

Final Thoughts – Modern Bathroom Ideas

At first, decorating your bathroom to achieve that modern look may seem like an uphill task, but with a few tweaks here and there, all will be well. All you need to know is the materials, colours, patterns and furniture to use, and you’ll be unstoppable!




















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