Modern country style decor

Åsa Hemse

Åsa Hemse

Mix old & new… the modern farmer’s hallmark. Here you’ll find a modern stove with Husqvarna classic old wood-burning iron stove… mmmm so cozy :)

Åsa Hemse

Åsa Hemse

Åsa Hemse

Two-room apartment in a posh neighbourhood? No – it is a stylish decorated living room in a modern country house. Boundaries blur between town and country.

Åsa Hemse

Åsa Hemse

The idyllic veranda shows that we really are in a bona fide country house, just in a completely new outfit :)


The contemporary rustic person is far from the fabled anti-social farmer with outhouse and unfashionable croft. Often it is essentially urban dwellers who are tired of the big city – all the stress and noise, looking for a house to convert into his or her utlimate rural dream. I read a lot about old barns and churches changing into entirely new forms. Very good from an environmental perspective.

The house above is from a favourite place Gotland. If you haven’t been there, GO THERE, it is pure paradise. The house was a hovel from the start that family transformed into a modern summer idyll. Many flea market finds are to be found in this beautiful house, which match perfectly with the building’s historic atmosphere.

The contemporary rustic person wants everything that modern city accommodation offers, wrapped in a rural idyll with grandfather clock and open cast iron stove. The best of both worlds – how can it ever go wrong :)

What do you think of modern country life?

Have a great week!


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