Places to swim in Gothenburg: Our top tips

Summer is almost at an end, but the swimming season is not over quite yet! There are rumours of warm weather throughout September :) We at Inredningsvis have tried ALL of the swimming areas around Gothenburg this Summer just so that you can see our list of top places to swim :)

Swim in Gothenburg: Top tips

Brännö Ramsdal

Styrsö Halsvik/Uttervik

styrsö halsvik


asperö badplats


Härlanda tjärn

Västra- och Östra Långvattnet

Smithska Udden

smithska udden


So make sure you check out these great places to swim in Gothenburg when you’re here visiting!

I wish we could extend the Summer period so that we could swim in the ocean all year round. But as a substitute, I’ll have to settle for the bathtub with candles and lavender oil in the Winter darkness. That’s probably the best thing about having 4 seasons – you don’t take any of them for granted, including the Summers :)

Do you have a favourite place to swim? Share in the comments below! :)


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