A salute to Liseberg and Gothenburg



The fun park Liserberg opens this week, and therefore I’ve chosen to write a little salute to my city Gothenburg, and Europe’s best theme park :) To all of you from outside of Sweden who haven’t visited Gothenburg previously, I say COME HERE if you’re ever in Sweden. It is a wonderfully amiable city – not too big and not too small, and it’s easy to get around. In the balcony picture above you can see Skansen Kronan – a historical tower with a brilliant view of central Gothenburg. The long staircase up to the tower is the best thigh and butt workout you can get – it beats any gym! :)



A cosy Summer cottage on one of the islands


Gothenburg is a city by the ocean with an amazing beautiful archepaelego – I strongly recommending visiting! Islands such as Brännö, Styrsö, Vrångö and Vinga are a must on the to-do list. Transport links to the islands by boat are excellent and I travel to the islands several times each year. That is where I recharge, find spiritual peace and inspiration.


Balcony view of Skansen Krona :)

The sightseeing list in Gothenburg is a long one, but what we are best known for is the theme park Liseberg. I have experienced Liseberg both as a child and adult. When I was a child, I used to eat candyfloss on my favourite ride, the carousel. As a wild and crazy teenager I went on the scary attractions such as the rollercoaster Hangover and picked up guys in the games hall. Now that I am older and a (little bit) wiser :) I think it’s wonderful to walk around and just absorb the magical theme park feeling, as well as riding one of my old favourites, the Ferris Wheel, which gives the best view in town.

liseberg Gothenburg

Liseberg also offers entertainment in the Summer time in the form of some of Sweden’s best musical artists. In the Winter, the park is open pre-Christmas, with skating rinks, Christmas market and hundreds of illuminated Christmas trees in the Winter darkness.


Wild & crazy :)

My beautiful city also has hundreds of cosy cafés, world class restaurants and great shopping.

The to-do list for my beautiful home could be made even longer, but then inredningsvis would begin to sound more like a travel blog, so I’m going to finish here :)


Inner peace

Have a wonderful week!


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