9 Small Bathroom Ideas for a bigger space

Tiny bathrooms are a common problem! Of course, remodelling is always an option, but it is costly and also takes longer. The good news? With clever design solutions, you can instantly transform your space to appear bigger without breaking the bank. Designers advise that determining the best layout, using tiles creatively and using natural lighting is the key to successful bathroom decoration.

This article discusses some helpful décor tips to make your small bathroom space appear larger. It also answers some frequently asked questions on the topic.

Small Bathroom Ideas

Consider a Glass Shower wall

By now, you must be so over that shower curtain that constantly clings to you when wet. With a glass shower curtain, this will be a thing of the past. Besides, it will make your washroom more stylish and create the illusion of a bigger space. When you can see everything in a space, your brain is tricked into believing it is bigger than it is. What’s more? Because the glass can be cut to size, it can fit even the tightest corners. To ensure your door always has a gleaming finish, ensure you clean it well.

Ensure There Is More Visible Floor Space

Another crucial design trick that makes your small bathroom seem larger is utilising wall-hung units. Doing so ensures more floor space is visible, creating the illusion of space. In the spirit of saving floor space, also consider going for a narrow freestanding bathtub and creating shelving using wall tiles. The result? A seamless dreamy feel. Also, remember to incorporate wall-mounted fixtures and fittings made of bright brass, preferably.

Think Storage

Yes, it is agreeable that bathroom vanity cabinets come with several perks. For instance, you can safely store your possessions below the sink. However, they can be space wasters, especially in tiny bathrooms. So, if you want more space, replace your vanity cabinet with a pedestal sink or cantilevered countertop.

Go for an All-Encompassing Design

One benefit of having a small bathroom is that a smaller space will require fewer materials, such as tiling. Therefore, if the cost has always been a constraint when redecorating, a tiny bathroom space makes things easier.

Here are some transformative bathroom tile ideas to inspire your next project:

  • Go bold with colour and pattern clashing: Think ombre colour palettes, gloss finishes and pattern clashing.
  • Opt for shapely hexagonal tiles for an attention-grabbing buzz: They add unique character and impact to your space.
  • Play around with brick wall tiles: This can help give your space a feel of reclaimed style.
  • Use subway tiles subtly for a modern twist
  • Go all-white for a timeless vibe
  • Try out three-dimensional patterns

Use Similar Tiles on the Walls and Floor

Using several different materials in your bathroom can be chaotic, causing your bathroom to feel cramped. Imagine a tiny bathroom with marble floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles, glass mosaic on the wainscot and drywall above the wainscot. All this can be summed up in one word: messy.

It is, therefore, advisable to tone down the visual noise by using similar materials throughout the room. For instance, you can use large-format marble tiles on both the floor and walls to give your bathroom an airy and breezy feel. The result is a fresh-looking washroom with a seamless feel and the much-sought-after hotel chic style.

Opt For Distracting Textures

Sometimes, you may desire more than just tiled walls. For instance, a picture of a gorgeous rustic scheme may be stuck in your mind. As you may have read earlier, the advantage of having a small bathroom is that you have less space to decorate. Therefore, you won’t need much to create your desired look. If you find wood appealing, you can use reclaimed boards on the walls as they add a warm and inviting vibe evocative of a comfy cabin.

Get a Tiny Tub

Many people think having a tiny washroom means ‘shower only’, which isn’t the case. Even for the smallest bathrooms, you can always find a bathtub that fits. This is particularly beneficial for individuals that aren’t fans of showers. Just remember that you’ll have to sit up more, but you’ll still be able to relax after a long day. Complete the look with a paint colour that matches your room’s colour scheme to achieve a cohesive feel.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Besides adding to the illusion of increased bathroom space, mirrors bounce off more light into your room. Consider getting a super large mirror (5ft by 3ft). You can install them easily using a drill, screws and drill bits. Alternatively, you can opt for two mirrors at the intersection of two walls. The L-shaped configuration reflects more light into the room, making it feel even more expansive.

An important point to remember is that frameless mirrors are better at adding the feeling of more space than framed mirrors. For the heavier mirrors, screw into studs to support them. Since the bathroom is often damp, consider a tarnish-resistant coating to protect your mirrors from high-moisture conditions.

Lighting Is Everything

A well-thought-out lighting layout will make your space seem larger. Designers recommend placing pendants and wall lights on every side of the bathroom mirror. Also, consider installing frosted strips in mirrors and recessed lights in the ceilings. The key to fantastic small bathroom lighting is subtly placing the lights so they can’t be easily noticeable.

Final Thoughts

From glass showers and mirrors to floating storage spaces and wall lights, there is no limit to what you can do to make your small bathroom appear larger. Even better, the above tips are easy to achieve and cost-friendly, too, so there is no excuse for contending with a cramped bathroom. We hope these tips will be helpful in your next small bathroom redecoration project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

Here are some tips for creating the illusion of more space in your tiny bathroom:

  • Let in more natural light
  • Stick to one colour palette
  • Go all-white
  • Use similar materials on the walls and floors
  • Use the same colours on the walls and floors
  • Opt for wall lights
  • Install large mirrors

How Do You Decorate a Small Bathroom?

Fortunately for you, limited space does not have to mean a dull bathroom. Here are some ideas to achieve a stylish bathroom space:

  • Add ambient lighting
  • Float the vanity
  • Bring in some warmth with wooden accents
  • Paint the tiles
  • Go for a glass shower
  • Add plants
  • Consider a wall-mount sink
  • Mix patterns
  • Consider textured wall tiles

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a 3-Square Meter Bathroom?

Bathroom tillers quote their rates per square metre. The cost of bathroom renovation can range from as low as $35 per square metre to $120 per square metre. Therefore, for a 3 square meter bathroom, expect to spend anything from $105 to $360 depending on the project particulars.




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