Styrsö Guest House

göteborgs skärgård

On the boat from Saltholmen to Styrsö. The journey takes about 20 minutes.

pensionat styrsö skäret 1

One of the entrances to the guest house

styrsö skäret rum

A room in the guest house

pensionat styrsö skäret 2

A drawing room / lobby area

pensionat styrsö skäret 3

The beautiful dining area

pensionat styrsö skäret 4

The front lawn

symaskin vin

Conference facilities available…as well as plenty of refreshments ;)

pensionat styrsö skäret 6

Lovely wooden bench outside the guest house

pensionat styrsö skäret 7

Dining room detail


Would you like to eat breakfast here? :)

Insta-collage of Pensionat Styrsö Skäret

Insta-collage of Pensionat Styrsö Skäret

Donsö båthus

Boat houses on neighbouring Donsö island

Donsö Göteborg

Insta-collage of Donsö

Donsö relax

Visit the islands and you’re guaranteed to relax…


…see what I mean? :)

Göteborg Styrsö Halsvik

Borrow a bike from the Guest house and cycle a leisurely 15 minutes to this cove for a picnic

Styrsö Skäret Pensionat

The front side of Pensionat Styrsö Skäret – the BEST accommodation of it’s kind in the archipaelago.


Styrsö Guest House

Last weekend was a real heat-wave in Gothenburg, so team Inredningsvis travelled out to our beloved Styrsö island to keep cool. We stayed at Styrsö Guest House, with some of Sweden’s most beautiful surroudings. The Guest House is owned by Ola Tulldahl – a friendly ‘Skåning’ with plenty of irons in the fire. The entire guest house oozes history, with beautiful antique furniture and details wherever you look.

As you can see from the pictures we photographed, the Guest House is positioned on a hill with a view over a green lawn with the ocean just 100m away. Breakfast and dinner are served and can be enjoyed either in a stunningly beautiful dining room, or from the terrace with full sea views. We borrowed two bikes and cycled around both Styrsö and neighbouring Donsö.

Our stay at Styrsö Guest House was as good as it gets :) We strongly recommend the Guest House to anyone visiting Gothenburg’s most beautiful island, Styrsö. For more infromation about the Guest House, click HERE.

Have a great weekend, cuties!



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