Thank you and Happy New Year

Happy New Year



It’s easy to become nostalgic at New Year. The old makes way for the new, a mix of sorrow and hope for the future prevails. I normally write a New Year’s chronicle for the year that has passed to summarize everything that has happened, and see what can be done better in the next. If I had to summarize 2012 in one word, it would be INREDNINGSVIS – my wonderful blog was born this year.

I didn’t have a clue about how to blog previously, and the last thing I would have expected is that I would be running one! There are so many superficial prejudices about bloggers, and I’d like to try to break this trend. Starting in February of 2012, Jon and I have built one of Sweden’s most popular interior design blogs. It has been an amazing journey, sometimes with a lot of hard work and late nights (yes, blogging is work). I view inredningsvis almost like I view a child – I’ve brought it into the world, seen it grow, develop and become big.

What has made it all worthwhile is YOU! Without all of your wonderful comments every day, there wouldn’t be any point. I have received so much unbelievable feedback and beautiful words – I’ve been moved on many an occasion. It’s occured to me that there are so many inspirational bloggers out there and I have learned a huge amount from all of you. 2012 was the year of change in my life and 2013 will be an even better sequel.

My New Year’s resolution here to you all is that inredningsvis will deliver even more interior design and decor inspiration, even more hot webshop tips and will always lead the way :)

To all of you who have made this possible – THANK YOU! Let’s open the champagne, give a toast, and say…


LOVE from Maria and Jon – see you next year! ;)

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