That damn cat has p****d outside the litterbox again!

Those of us that own cats have all had those awful thoughts at least once… just what we’d like to do to our darling little fur balls. We buy a brand new sofa or mat, then go out one day, and are hit by that familiar odour as soon as we open the door.

NOOO! Anywhere but there!

An almost invisible stain greets us on the brand new sofa, with a smell that could kill.

Cat pee on the sofa: What can you do?

Are there any good ways to avoid cat urine on the furniture?

As a cat owner, I’ve experienced pretty much all a cat can throw at the decor. I’ve also figured out some simple but effective tricks to avoid messy situations. Enjoy! mjauuuu prrr :)

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Calm the cat down

Cats are sensitive creatures, and they send us subtle signals as to what they like and dislike. If your cat pees outside of the litter box, it’s trying to tell you something. Cats often urinate in the wrong place when they feel stressed, worried or frightened.

Scents and calming cat pheromones

A universal solution for stressed cats is Feliway scent which gives off a calming pheromone. In stressful situations such as building work, vet visits etc, Feliway can help your cat find a calming balance. Try it! :)

Feliway is also sold as a spray, which is perfect for travelling, where your cat will tend to become more stressed. Spray it in the cat cage and let your cat travel calmly.


Citrus vs cat pee

Place citrus peel in places where you don’t want your cat to tread. I’ve used this trick aroudn the Xmas tree twice, and it works! :)

If you don’t want to make your home look messy, just use essential oils with a citrus fragrance. Tiger balm and eucalyptus also work very well, as cats HATE both of these.

Small kitty litter box

A cat that feels that their litter box is too small will deperately protest by peeing outside of the box. Quite simply, buy a bigger box! And preferably one with a lid :)

Cat pee detective

Sometimes it’s hard to find out where the cat pee smell is coming from. This urine UV light is the solution for you!

Turn the lights off, and turn on Urine off and you’ll see the pee! :)

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Remove cat pee smell

If despite your best efforts an accident occurs, Urine Off is the best alternative.

A great pet shop that sells it online is Vetzoo.se

My wodnerful cat Brorsan THE star :)


MJAUUU from THE original Crazy cat lady.


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