Top 6 the hottest Interior trends 2021

It’s time for hot new interior design trends in 2021! The year 2020 is finally over! What a damn shitty year it was on more levels than just one. Now we are facing a whole new year, with all the uncertainty it brings. Every new year feels like a new unwritten page in the book of life and only fate can tell what will happen. However, we can predict what will come in interior design trends in the new year. One of the biggest trends in 2021 is and will remain the natural trend. It stands as a calm antidote to all the chaos outside the world.

We want to come home back to basic and back to nature. To a quiet and comfortable home in muted colors, ready for full relaxation. With the Corona’s quarantines last year, the home has also taken on a whole new meaning than before. The home now also functions as a real workplace.

Here you now get Interior Trends 2021 6 biggest trends of the new year!

Interior trends 2021

Beige color rules Sweden

Beige color broke through rock hard last year and does not leave the trend throne this year. Last year we saw a lot of beige / gray shades, so-called greige in interior design trends. But this year also comes beige in several different yellow and pink tones. Beige is such a fantastic base color to start from. Feel free to mix it with dark rustic woods (which is also a mega trend in 2021) and with golden details for a luxurious Riviera look. Unlike white, beige color gives the home a warmer feeling, especially if you drive tone-on-tone, while at the same time feeling natural and cozy.

Wooden furniture is hot 2021

Regardless of shape or shade, wood is one of 2021’s biggest material trends, which penetrates all rooms in the home and covers both walls, floors, furniture and the latest IT details. Rustic wood is as indoors as light woods. AND now it’s coming! FURU this famous infamous material from the 80’s IS BACK! Yes you heard right pine is hotter than hottest in 2021 and we will see it in many furniture trends especially.

The 70-ies is back bitches

The 70 ies – The most talked about controversial year (and when im born) is making another big comeback this year. There is something happy and crazy about the 70’s and I myself was born at the end of this iconic decade. I think we have a longing to return to the carefree free 70’s as we are so caught up in this time of pandemic and lockdown.

But the furniture that comes in the 70s vintage is not quite the same as in the past. In 2021, they have a slightly more modern, fresher feeling, a bit like new faith. And the absolute hottest rugs in 2021 are the extremely long-haired rya rugs from the true 70s.

Trendy textiles 2021


Teddy is definitely the trendiest furniture material in 2021! Last year, the velvet had to leave the throne for Manchester. This year we see a new material that is trending big and that is the cuddly teddy fabric. This material feels like a warm embrace to crawl into.

Manchester fabric

Manchester fabric and the 70s are the trendiest in 2021! But the new manchester fabric looks more modern and fresh than the diarrhea orange manchester fabrics back in the good old 70 ies :)

Statement mirrors

In recent years, the smaller round mirrors have dominated, especially on Instagram. But in 2021, big mirrors will be on the agenda. Preferably in silver and preferably with a pattern. Mirrors are also great if you have a small home, as they have a really enlarging effect on small areas.

The tropical trend

After the Corona pandemic, we now have a strong desire to travel to exciting tropical places. Thus, the tropical trend will hit the new year hard. Think about an tropical island somewhere with chrystal clear green/blue water and all the tropical colors in the nature.

Structured walls

Structured walls came last year and in 2021 the trend will grow! We see a lot of walls with structure and unexpected patterns. We want to dream away through the walls.

Round shaped furniture

This round shaped furniture trend also feels like an antidote to the harsh cold world outside. Chubby furniture with round shapes is mega-hot 2021. We want to crawl up in these chunky furniture, as if we are embraced by a large soft warm embrace. Even low furniture such as lounge sofas feels just right in the new year.

I hope you got really inspired to decorate your home in these new hot interior design trends in 2021 now. It is always just as interesting to see how the world events, are reflected in interior design and fashion. We also look very sustainable and recycled in 2021. But make sure to always decorate in a personal way and not copycat, it always lasts in the end.

Stay trendy but personal!



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