Trend – 6 sexy marble coffee tables

The marble trend continues to dominate and this the fall thelovely stone materials is hotter than the hottest. Personally, I’m fond of marble on tabletops and here ‘s why my six favorites when it comes to the category of marble coffee tables :)

Marble coffee tables

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Marble coffey tables

What is it that attracts so strongly to marble really? I think it is our desire for every day luxury and the feel of marble gives that all levels. Marble has been considered luxuries at all times and in the early 1900s bathed the rich in authentic marble bath. Marble and gold fits hand in glove together so happily add some interior details such as pots and candlesticks in brass or gold.


If you want to make a luxurious DIY tricks at home at budget price it is to fake out the marble. There are so-called decorative plastic marble patterns in many shops and it is just to paste it where you want that marble feeling and VOILA a luxurious furniture in no time and cheap to. This tip is also great if you want to pimp your IKEA furnitures :)

Stylish inexpensive decorative plastic marble found in mellmine.se

What do you like marble …. Hot or cold ???

Marbling more :)


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