Valentine’s Day presents: 7 hot tips

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly. Some of us look forward to the day, whilst others try to ignore it. Choosing to give someone special a Valentine’s Day present is very individual. However I think that it’s wonderful with one day of the year devoted to celebrating love. Sure, it’s less fun to celebrate if you’re single, but I think it’s totally OK to give love to yourself or to your friends.

Unfortunately, I’ll be alone this Valentine’s Day as Jon will be in New York presenting lectures. I’ll just have to give myself plenty of love instead. And of course, I’ll have to indulge in some chocolate, which is also a big love of mine :)

Here are some hot Valentine’s Day gift ideas from ELLOS Sweden

Valentine’s Day gift ideas: for her

1. Chocolate
If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, a woman’s is via some great quality chocolate :) My hot passion for chocolate will never die. Men come and go, but chocolate is forever :)

2. Sexy details
Can never go wrong as a Valentine’s Day present, right? :)

3. Spring-type presents
Our shops are full of cute Spring gift ideas right now, such as shoes or decorative cushions. These are perfect Valentine’s Day gifts.

4. Flowers
If you can’t afford expensive gifts, go for flowers – the oldest and most appreciated gift of them all. Women’s hearts melt when they see their partner with a bunch of flowers in hand and a twinkle in the eye :)


Valentine’s Day presents: for him

male cologne

5. Sexy accessories
Work just as well on boyfriends – guys alwyas appreciate great cologne and stylish watches.

valentines daypresent

6. Sexy underwear
That you can both enjoy on Valentine’s Day… oh la la :)

7. Masculine Spring presents
Modern men are often just as interested in shoes and bags as women. So, a hot new gym bag can be a great Valentine’s gift for him.

Most important of all though is to give each other attention and an overdose of love. Who knows, there might even be a long-awaited diamond ring hiding somewhere :)


Here are some hot Valentine’s gift ideas from ELLOS Sweden. Of course love comes without a price tag, and you can give as much as you want without needing to ask for anything in return. We all show love in different ways – with presenter, experiences, or holidays. No method is wrong, as in the end it’s all about celebrating that which the world needs most of all… love.

What do you think about Valentine’s Day? And how do you celebrate?

Lots of LOVE, Maria

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