Venetian blinds: Home decor tips

When most people look for home decor tips and inspiration, venetian blinds seldom appear at the top of the shopping list. But this type of window cover doesn’t need to be dusty, boring and forgotten. With the right design in the right surroundings, venetians can look great. Yes, it is actually true :)

To try to prove this, I’ve found a few home decor inspiration images for those of you thinking about decorating with venetian blinds at home.

Venetian blinds in the bathroom

As you can see in the images below, ventians don’t need to be from the 1970’s, old-fashioned or boring. Here, there are integrated as an important part of the bathroom decor.

venetian blinds

Wooden blinds work well in this modern bathroom.

bathroom decor

Venetian blinds in the living room and kitchen

Light grey blinds suit this minimalistic living room.

modernt vardagsrum

If you want something a little different, order your venetian blinds with patterns. Try them out in the living room as a way of spicing up your home decor.

persienner snygga

Speaking of spices, what do you think of this kitchen? A mixture of retro and modern home decor.

Venetian blinds in the bedroom

Blinds in the bedroom are classic, but why not replace old and dusty blinds with new wooden venetians. You can increase the feeling of luxury by adding some thick floor to ceiling curtains to get a true hotel feeling in the bedroom.

home decor tips


Blinds also have other functions…. if you use your imagination, with a little help from the images below :)

sexy decor

home decor sexy

Venetian blinds and lighting

Light is an important part of a room’s overall decor feel. The good thing with venetian blinds is that you can control the amount of daylight entering a room. It’s possible to let in the right amount of sunlight without being seen from the street in your bathrobe. If you find the right colour for your blinds, you can get them to match and even highligh the rest of the decor in a room.


What are your thoughts about venetian blinds? Hot or not?

Have a great day!


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