Wooden floors with a touch of Christmas

Many people believe that wood panels have to be ugly throwbacks from 1980’s. But here is the proof from Baseco.se that walls and floors with the right type of wood combinations can be a perfect match :)



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Wooden floors

Lino is great ‘n’ all, but what is more Christmassy than a real wooden floor. I remember the scent of freshly scrubbed hardwood floors from my childhood Christmasses. Baseco.se is a true Swedish company that delivers both floor and wall wood panels. The company is based in Sorsele in Lappland (in the north of Sweden) and is one of the country’s biggest floor makers.

Baseco is a family business and all of the employees are more or less born with a knowledge of wood working. Lappland is almost completely comprised of forests so working with wood is natural in this part of the country.

What is unique about Baseco is that they dry all of their wooden panels to less than 10% RH (relative humidity). This makes the panels very stable. They don’t crack or swell. Due to their extreme quality, their beautiful floors can be seen at Drottningholm Castle, Luleå Technical University and also Världsarvs Museum.

I’m proud to be Swedish when I read about companies like Baseco. In a world of mass production and plastic, it can be nice to find your way back to nature, quality, and genuine Swedish wood :)

Have a great day, sweeties!


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